These costs are subject to change with no notice
 Activity / BoothTicket Cost Description 
 Duck Pond Participant selects duck from "pond" and receives prize based on number on the bottom of the duck
 Tattoos 1 Participant selects tattoo and has it applied
 Hair Painting 4 Participant selects preferred hair color and has it applied to hair with washable colored hair spray
 Lollipop Pull 1Participant select lollipop from peg board and will receive 1-3 lollipops in return dependent on color of the stick of the pulled lollipop 
 BowlingParticipant will bowl using real bowling ball to knock down real pins 
 Bean Bag Toss2Participant will get 3 bean bags to throw in an attempt to "feed" the hungry pumpkin
 Cake Walk 2Participant will play will others in an attempt to be the last one left in a type of "musical feet".  Winner receives a self selected baked good from local bakeries
 Bottle Ring Toss 2Participant receives 3 rings to try and toss and "ring" a bottle 
 Milk Bottle Throw2Participant receives 3 softballs to throw in order to knock down 3 stacked milk bottles 
 Glow Shop1 - 15 Participants can purchase a variety of glow in the dark items for varying costs 
 Plinko2Participants receive 1 plinko disk to insert on the board in a place of their choosing to see where it will land as it bee-bops its way to the bottom 
 Face Painting 4Participants will select a design and have it painted on their face with non-toxic face paints. 
 Treasure Hunt2Participants will dig through the sand to find 1 buried treasure item for their keeping 
 Sandy Candy5Participants will select and fill 6" tubes with candy flavors that look like sand 
 Dunk Tank 4Participants receive 3 softballs to throw in an attempt to dunk the "victim" inside the tank 
 Obstacle Course 6Participants race against their peers in this double sided course to see who can come out first on the other side 
 Hula Hoops1Participants challenge their friends to see who can keep "hooping" the longest.  Last one left wins 
 Rock Climbing8Participants are harnessed by certified professionals and allowed to scale the wall and touch the wall at the top 
 Train2Participants will be loaded up for a ride around the fall festival.  Adults & Children welcome 
 Titanic 4Participants climb to the top of the  RMS Titanic as it sinks and slide down the deck.
 Home Depot Build6Participants receive & build craft from Home Depot Kid Workshop Staff  (Parental Waiver is REQUIRED)
 Mess Zone1-10 
Participants purchase confetti eggs or silly string to enter the corral and use the bunkers to hide behind as they play.
 (1 ticket = 1 egg, 10 tickets = 12 eggs, 3 tickets = 1 silly string can) 
 Corn Dogs 6Provided by Carnival Catering 
 Hot DogsProvided by Carnival Catering
 Brisket Sandwich10 Provided by Carnival Catering
 Brisket Tacos (2)10 Provided by Carnival Catering
 NachosProvided by Carnival Catering
 Frito Pie7Provided by Carnival Catering
 DrinksProvided by Carnival Catering
 Funnel Cakes10
Provided by Carnival Catering 
 Cotton CandyProvided by Carnival Catering 
 Light-up Cotton Candy10 Provided by Carnival Catering 
 Shaved IceProvided by Carnival Catering 
 Light-up Shaved Ice10 Provided by Carnival Catering